The Vintage Collection

A 30th Anniversary Showcase of Handmade Glass Pieces

Celebrating 30 Years of Fluidity in Glass

For the first time, Synergraphic is showcasing its "Vintage Collection", a treasure trove of unique, one-off pieces that has been collected over the past 30 years of glassmaking. While some were brought in from countries such as Myanmar, China and the US more than 20 years ago, most were handmade right here in our Singapore workshop. 

Step back in time with us to unearth the stories in our own backyard, through the lens of each precious item as each piece represents an era or snapshot in time.

This Collection had been put together as part of Synergraphic's 30th Anniversary celebrations, and was also on display at 46 Jalan Kelabu Asap (Chip Bee Gardens). 

Keep a look out as more items are added to the Collection online.

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