About Company of Glass

Breaking Boundaries in the Company of Glass

Company of Glass is the education platform of Synergraphic Design, a studio in Singapore that has been pursuing the art of glass in groundbreaking ways for more than 30 years.  

With a passion to make this art form more accessible to all, you are invited to be in the company of glass, its crafters and like-minded adventurers - to learn how to work with this beautiful medium and explore its infinite possibilities for art and design.

This series of workshops is a part of Synergraphic’s revisit to its roots of being a true glass art studio since its inception in 1986, after years of milestones in the commercial arena of interiors and decorative arts.

The very first series of workshops are for beginners, hobbyists or anyone interested to create something for themselves or their friends or simply indulge in some fun.

Who is Synergraphic? Find out here: www.synergraphic.com.sg